Wednesday, November 4, 2009

With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly

PM: 90 Minutes Trainer Ride - Steady Tempo Effort

There is a significant chance that Liverpool will not qualify for the Champions League knockout stages. Awful. And very frustrating. A season that started with so much promise looks like it will be the worst under Rafa's watch and questions must be asked. Energy was low when I got on the bike but after the first beads of sweat crested my brow the energy was back and I was firing. No matter how tired I feel it seems to drift away at the first elevation of the HR. When I still feel awful after the first 10 minutes then I know I'm tired and I stop. After 90 minutes today I was still hungary for more but the wise part of my brain encouraged me to get off. Lovely evening in the saddle.

Driving home I was cleaning up old CD's that litter my car. Some really terrible ones too ! They find their way into cracks and under the seat during the moving process. I had to toss a couple because they are brutal. But found a few great ones including Portishead - Third. One of my favorite albums of 2008. I forgot I bought a hard copy.......thats a sign of the times if there ever was one! So I listened and was completely content. What an amazing journey. The Rip is my favorite track, and not just because Thom York covered it, but because it is beautiful.

Love Kel

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  1. Hey man,

    So have you any idea when you will be running races again? we need you back