Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gone Are The Days Bonfires Make Me Think Of You

PM: 1:40 Trainer Ride

Building up the training load as I get better. I had a very solid session today. The time went by super fast, helped by boiling frustration that Ireland got knocked out of the World Cup by a blatant (and later acknowledged) handball from Thierry Henry and some cheesy Trance and Progressive House tunes. When it comes time to do hard intervals I tend to turn my back on my beloved sounds and opt for the hands in the air anthems.

30 Minutes Warm Up followed by 10 minutes of alternating single leg drills. Next up was a 10 minute hill climb with the first 5 minutes out of the saddle, really hard. Needed a decent break after that. Moved into 6 x 3 minutes where one minute of each effort was out of the saddle, and after that was a set of tabatha sprints. I cooled down about 10 minutes and was completely jocked and very satisfied. Completely over the cold I had and back in the saddle.

FrYars has been around for ages. Stereogum had him as a 'Band To Watch' back in 2007 and I didn't pay much attention. Not saying I didn't like the sounds. I literally had too much music going on and I didn't even listen. That sounds pathetic but its true. Then while reading about music (something I do in all my spare time) I saw his name attached to a song and the words "Feat. Dave Gahan". I immediately jumped all over it. And then I realize the tune has been out for a year (almost). I've got no idea how I missed this. The track is simply amazing. His album came out in September and I will be picking up. But before that I have to stop listening to this track on repeat. Dave Gahan is simply awesome. And as for Mr Ben Garett, hats off me man. I will be buying the record.

Peace and Love


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