Saturday, November 28, 2009

Insane Love Is Awakining

AM: 90 Minutes Trainer W/ 15 x 2 Min Hard, 1 Min Rec
AM: 30 Minutes Easy Running

Just when I thought Spencer had hung up the mic for a while the news surfaces that he is releasing new tracks in January. Spencer doesn't rest, the guy is prolific and unstoppable. Earlier this year he released a 7" with two tracks under the moniker "Introducing Moonface". The songs are amazing. Check out "Coming To At Dawn" below. This song has been part of the live shows of Sunset in the past and finally saw release under the Moonface picture disk released in May. Why I thought he would take a break is beyond me considering he is working with about 5 projects and many of them overlap. Some people are just genius in scope and have so much to offer. Spencer Krug is one of these guys. The new Moonface EP will be titled Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-Drums.

The tracks will be outstanding and reading this news when I woke (I missed it earlier in the week) set up Saturday to be very positive day, full of good energy. After fueling up with lashings of dark roast I jumped on the bike and hammered a very hard session. On my last rep my tire went flat which was kind of strange since I was on a trainer? It just popped so I had to do a quick change (something I am getting better at) and hopped on for the cool down. Right after I went for a 30 minute run because I still felt great. Solid day of work, topped off with Garden Grille and a couple of IPA's. Meanwhile in other parts of the world Frankie was battling riot police at the WTO protests in Geneva. Not that she was being anarchistic, she was just observing and it sounded and looked like it was a little out of control. Good experience for her all the same. I will get a couple of pics to post later. Happy camper right here.

Love Kel

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