Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In The Flowers

PM: 75 Minutes Trainer w/ 25 Min Tempo

Drank way to much coffee today. I'd hate to put a total on it but if I were to guess I'd say I put away about 64 oz (thats being conservative to make myself feel better). I was hammering away at orders, sitting at the bar of Blue State Coffee and I just kept refilling my 16oz Sigg mug. Blue State offers free refills and although I don't like to take advantage today was one of those days that I did. Funny thing though, I am no different after 4 or 5 mugs of coffee as I am after one. I don't get too hyped up which tells me that I am already pretty strung and I should really back off caffeine completely. But coffee is so good.

I was super excited to get on the bike this afternoon. I am feeling a lot better today and my energy is back. 75 minutes seemed like a decent workload considering I have missed a few days and even though I feel better I'm not actually better. Since I came off the bike I've been completely at ease and tomorrow I will resume normal training loads. My 25 minutes of tempo was really enjoyable. I pushed my HR up to the 170 range and held it there, feeling amazing all the way. Tomorrow I'll do some longer reps getting the rep workout total into the 30-35 minute range.

Yesterday I mentioned having come across so much music I've never heard. It continued today and I have about 6 groups that I need to explore and purchase. I don't know anything about the band Monarchy because their myspace is pretty much bare. They are from London and their demo track "Gold In The Fire" is really lovely. The track is another in a long line of 80's sound throwback tunes that I simply can't get enough of. The synths are straight out of any one of the hundreds of 80's high school flicks. I know I will eventually get very bored of this sound but right now I find it really uplifting. Its a joy to listen to while banging out reps on an indoor trainer. I have included the original and the Diamond Cut remix which is awesome and really highlights the epic parts of the original. Happy tunes.

Love Kel

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