Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh You Can Take Me To The Dragonslayer

Had a fantastic visit with Dr. McKeon today. Easily the best Ortho I have ever come across and I doubt there are many better, anywhere. The guy is like one of my mates. Completely gets it and needs no prompting or reassuring. I have ZERO time for indecision when it comes to matters of injury healing. I don't want to be told that I need to take a break or that I do too much. I don't want to hear about ice, ultra sound, stim, or anti-inflammatory pills. And I certainly don't want to hear "give it more time". I want what Brian McKeon does and says, which is, "you have a tear, here it is (points to MRI) and we need to get rid of it so I want you ready for Surgery on Dec 8th and if I can get you in before that are you willing to come?" That is proactive and realizing that time is precious and I am running out of it. He reckons I will be running by mid Jan. Now here is why he actually RULES. My left knee is the real problem. The favoring of my right leg has led to this tear but the left knee has the defect that my insurance company won't pay for. Doc told me today that if it holds me back in 2010 he'll do it anyway and won't worry about payment. He knows I can deal with a certain amount of training but if it gets worse he is going to go in and sort it out. Why? Because he gets it and since he works with the best Basketball players in the world he isn't exactly bleeding in the financial department. However, its more than that. He sees the desperation and desire and understands exactly what I'm feeling. I'm so impressed and if I were ever to become a Doctor (which would be impossible) I would want to be like this guy. Ok, enough of the stroking. I am in a better place and I believe that this surgery is going to be awesome.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (I hate the term Turkey day) and even though I've been in the USA for 13 years I still don't relate to the holiday. I love the day off and the wine/beer consumption. I used to love the racing too. But everyone gets together with family and mine is across the ocean. This year Frankie is across the ocean too. I'm heading to Coxy and Mylenes and chances are we will drink Gansett and eat a lot of vegetarian fare. Stopping out to Ray Treacys for a drink at some point too. It will be a great day, kicked off with 4 hours in the saddle.

So Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and know I give thanks for your friendship everyday. We haven't had Radiohead in a while.

Love Kel


  1. McKeon is a fantastic guy. I treat some of his patients at New England Baptist. I treated a guy who kept having shit luck with a basic scope that kept getting infected. McKeon felt bad, and the guy was a die hard Celtics fan, so Mckeon got him a game ball signed by all of the players. He didn't have to do it, he just felt bad for the guy. No other surgeons do that sort of stuff. Best of luck Kel!

  2. Nice one Ed. I have only had good energy the 4 times I've seen him and I am optimistic about the surgery. Hope your injuries are clearing up me man. Keep me posted.

  3. Keith-

    Been following your blog since just before your spring running went under from injury, couldn't be happier to read this development for your knee. Your passion for the sport really impressed in your vid on Flotrack, here's to getting someone who really deserves it back on his feet! Best of luck with it.

  4. Cool. Glad to hear the doc is going to help you on this. All your positive energy has a way of finding its way back to you.Having you out running will only do more to keep you out there spreading more.