Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be A War Child, Form A Circle

AM: 3:25 Bike Ride. W/ Intervals.

Had a great ride with Coxy this AM. The roads were empty allowing us to comfortably ride in the driving lane. Obviously we were passed by a couple of cars but at times it felt like the roads were closed. I wish it was Thanksgiving everyday. We pushed some sections of the ride really hard and I developed the mindset that today was going to be a session. After I dropped Lee off I did another 5 x 5 minutes all-out intervals. By the time I got home I was tanked and since the end of the ride I've had a splitting headache. Even now, after dinner and a lot of fluids I still feel like I have a hangover. I don't think I've ever experienced this before. Most likely its down to only drinking 1.5 bottles on the ride. When its cold I tend to forget about getting the fluids in. Headache aside, I feel great, all be it very full. All the carbs will be put to work tomorrow. For once I don't actually feel like I ate that much but like all Thanksgiving dinners, Vegetarian ones too, they are so carb heavy that the stomach fills quick. Mylene made a wonderful meal and I washed it down with a couple of Harpoons. Content and very much at ease right now.

Love Kel

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