Monday, November 23, 2009

I See Your Face And I Let You Own Me.

Friend Of Plenti

Just back from a beautiful gig in Boston. Better than the NYC show by a ways. This is how we learn.
Not too much on the exercise front today. A solid 3.5 mile run on my very painful knee to usher in the lunch time and the viewing of the annual NCAA XC. The coverage, which I am thankful for, was at best Amateur. Don't want to jump on the negative train because I appreciate Versus doing their bit but lets get some real runners in to do the interviews or something. Hell I'd do it for free! Some shoddy statements and observations and the camera work was marginal at best. But I got to see it live, and so did lots of others so hats off to Versus.

Then I went to see Julian Plenti for the second time on this tour. Frankie and I went to the opening in NYC which was a very unique experience because it was in the Guggenheim and it was a showcase for the new tour. Lots of scenesters, reporters, hipsters, and museum folk. Tonight was a rock show in a rock venue and I was lost in the music. Absolutely fantastic. If you get the opportunity to see Plenti, go along and become a friend!

Love Kel

One of the best songs of the night for me was "Unwind". Hopefully some video footage emerges.

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