Saturday, November 21, 2009

For The Price Of A Human Heart It's Really Not That Bad

AM: 3:55 Bike Ride, Easy/Steady

This whole warm November craic is really glorious. Epic in fact. I got out on the bike today and with the temps hitting mid 50 range coupled with sunshine I was not wasting the opportunity to get a solid ride in. I had to call on two friends to split my ride. I had the Ancient Aged Advisor for the first 2 hours and Coxy for the second 2 hours. Met Jay at Starbucks on Wayland and we headed out to Bristol on the East Bay Bike Path. I know we all want bike paths to be used frequently and by many people, thats the point and I get it. But there is a lot to be said for a 7:30 AM cold morning and lashing down a bike path that is empty. We were 2 abreast and had uninterrupted conversation for the whole ride. Jay was firing off his usual life philosophy and I was soaking it in. So much passion and drive is inspiring and basically 2 hours went by in a blink. I got back to Starbucks, grabbed espresso, and met Coxy. We went the opposite direction and headed North on the bike path up to Woonsocket. This was a little busier with the day heating up and all but still nothing compared to Summer. We could ride in a lane each almost the whole way and meeting Lee was also an opportunity to pick up the pace a little. Once I dropped him off I lashed it home pretty hard and avoided the desire to add on 5 minutes to make it 4 hours. I'm trying to get better with that stuff. Its all arbitrary anyway, 3:55, 4:00, 4:05, the work was done and I felt great.

I've been listening to THIS mix non-stop for the last few days. It by the guys at Binary Records and is a mix that reflects their sound. The music is Dreamwave and post New Wave, with elements of disco, house, and breezy soundscapes. There are links to a lot of the music that I have been posting here and I am very happy I came across this blog. Another blog, this one about cycling is also good - Ritte Van Vlaanderen is a bike team out of LA and they are purists. Their blog is hilarious and if I could grab a few scoops with these guys I would. What has this got to do with music? Nothing. But I thought I'd mention it. Anyway, the guys at Binary are putting out some music that is for sunsets on sandy beaches. With old man winter coming in I think its a good time to have these sounds playing. The track below is by Million Young, a DJ/Producer from Florida. He creates beautiful, ambient, electronic tunage that lifts spirits, hearts and minds. I wish the best for this guy. More people putting out these killer, dreamwave tracks, more happy folks we'll have. And everybody wins.

Off to Not Just Snacks for the best Veggie Samosas in the world.

Peace and Love


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