Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lets Go Down The Waterfall

PM: 75 Minutes Bike Trainer Ride
PM: 31 Minutes Swim

It felt so good to workout again. 6 days off, with the exception of a dodgy run in Central Park, does not help the head or the heart. So tonight, I jumped on my trainer and did a solid 75 minutes steady. I went straight up to PC pool after and managed to swim for just over 30 minutes. Not a straight swim mind you, more a warm up followed by random reps of 50, 75, and 100 yards. my arms are hanging off me right now, evidence that I have a long way to go before I become shark like and blitz through the water. Ok maybe not shark, but you get the vibes.

Nothing beats starting off the day in a GE cylindrical imagining machine getting in depth pictures of my knee. I've had 6 MRI's on my knees now and a total of 14 MRI's in my career. 3 Shin, 2 Pelvis, and 3 Sacrum. This is what I can remember, there could have been a couple more. I fell asleep to the jackhammer sound but if it was quite I would not have fallen asleep. Odd, I know. Having a REM sleep while getting an MRI clearly indicates that I'm tired from the week in NYC. And since the unplanned Nap I have felt amazing. To celebrate being one day closer to an answer about my knee pain I listened to Sigur Ros, loud. I also spoke to Frankie on Skype which is amazing.

So the plan of attack (I have to many plans, and none of them ever come to fruition) is to ride and swim all week, awaiting results. If there is no tear then I will get aggressive on the therapy, and if there is a tear I will get another surgery. At this stage it is more natural to get Knee Surgery than it is to run races. It will be my last running related surgery because if it comes down to operation number 4 it might be time to listen to the alarm bells and stop running. Hopefully it does not come to this but I don't feel like getting a knee replacement at 32. I have many more raves and concerts to attend........

Love Kel


  1. Ok. Keith, sometime I cannot deal with hte live versions of the link to the songs as they are too ambiental and it is difficult to get the full feel of the music. That said, this is beautiful and I feel the need to respond as such. It is also funny that one of my prefessors told me the othe day that my writing was very baroque, if you focus on the piano, as well as some of the inteaction with the percussion, it resonates with a truly baroque sound. More of this and I will be a convert to keithology.

  2. please excuse my typos. no excuses, just please.