Friday, November 27, 2009

The Future Of Us All

AM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride
PM: 25 Minutes Run - Knee felt like exploding

Lazy day. Unlike the many revelers who were participating in consumption at silly hours, I remained tucked up in bed until after 9. A luxury rarely experienced these days, unless of course I only went to bed at about 4 AM, which is another indulgence rarely experienced anymore. I achieved very little today. Its a huge challenge when I'm still in pj's at 11 listening to the latest sounds on the blogosphere. And there was a lot to listen to. Even the world of music blogging had a day off yesterday. How dare they? Don't you guys realize that loyal readers such as moi don't enjoy day offs..........OK, that is not necessarily true, but a day like Thanksgiving is perfect for 2-4 hours of listening to new sounds.

I did some training despite being very lethargic and still suffering with a pounding headache. I was always going to do an easy day after yesterday so I was pleased to feel pretty good on the trainer. I was able to ride at high cadence for the whole 75 minutes and my HR was close to tempo effort the whole way. I got off the bike sat around for a bit and before jumping in the shower figured I'd go out and run. I can't make my knee worse and any chance to get a run in is welcome. Just 3.5 miles easy listening to John Digweed.

I am super excited about the upcoming MEW gig in Boston. I wore away "And The Glass Handed Kites" when I lived in Colorado. It was a perfect soundtrack when driving in winter conditions to Salt Lake or down to the ABQ. With the release of the epic (although not as good as ATGHK) "No More Stories....." they are doing a North American tour and I vowed not to miss them this time around. MEW put me in a great mood. Their music is extremely pop and atmospheric. They have a distinct Scandinavian sound and obviously the vocals, although sung in English, have a fantastic accent that make them richer and very innocent sounding. I use the word joyful to describe a lot of the music I like. However, joyful to me is significantly different to many other people. Radiohead's "Let Down" is one of the most joyful songs I've ever heard and considered to be extremely depressing by the masses. But Mew are to definition extremely joyful, aside from their beautiful end of the world lyrics. Below is the poppiest song off their new album. Great times ahead.

Love Kel

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