Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sleeping Is For Dreamers

AM: 2:08 Bike Ride Scituate Rez Loop

What a day, 69 degrees, super sunny, and a great energy in the air. My mood was immediately lifted when I got a text from Ben enquiring my interest levels at going out for a ride. The only let down of the whole experience was only doing 42 miles. We should have went 4 hours but it was later in the day and Ben has not been riding much lately. All positive.

I got the results of my MRI and the news is not good for me. My right knee, which has been perfect is no longer intact. There is a sizable oblique meniscus tear which will require surgery. How messed up this whole situation seems is unfathomable to me. My left knee needs surgery to fix a major defect but my insurance company won't pay for it so by trying to run I end up favoring my right knee which develops an injury of its own that requires surgery. Maybe this is why Blue Cross does not want to pay for any more surgery because things in my knees rip and tear very easily. The arthritis in my knees is very bad and the running scene might just have to stop. Even though I sound like a broken techno record (many of which I have in the basement) this really could be it. BUT, if the surgery will fix it then we can revisit. Much of the stream of conscious that I write here is like my running advice. Do as I say not what I do, and like the things I write here, its not what I ever do. By telling myself that this is the last knee surgery I am having it makes the winter on the trainer easier. But the reason I will kill myself on the trainer is to maintain fitness to run. None of this makes sense but to me its very clear. And anyway, whats the kelrock blog without a solid knee injury. Maybe its something about RI because I feel like everyone is hurt with something or another.

I had a few scoops on the weekend and have now dealt with it (somewhat) and tomorrow I am off to Austin for work. No exercise for a few days and maybe a good lash of scoops on sixth street with friends is what I need. Blog action will resume as normal but there may not be too much to write about. Years best albums, and albums of the decade will be getting priority!

Awesome new video to Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able. Check it

Peace and Love


  1. Specifically, everyone in RI has a knee injury. Hang in there Keith!

  2. Hey Keith, hang in their bro.

    The Model County