Friday, November 13, 2009

No, We Won't Stop Playing

Just back from a busy 5 days in Austin. Great city, great energy, great weather. Rather than take the week off like I said I would I decided to cross train using the Precore. It may have been a mistake because I did some two a days and my knee is jocked in a similar fashion as it might be if I ran. I did learn flipturns in the pool however which is a positive.

The week called for a lot of late nights but not super early starts so I felt great until today which is not good. But thats irrelevant because with my current stress there is a lot more to worry about then a little cold. I got all the info out of Boulder regarding my first couple of knee surgeries on my right knee. Mike Silva thinks they may be seeing some of the old surgery issues on the Pics. I am going to have the MRI looked at again, comparing it to the pics and report from 3 years ago. This could be positive because it may mean the tear is not as bad as the report suggested. I will still need an operation but it may be less work and thus quicker recovery.

I was disappointed not to get to any shows in Austin. There were a few bands playing but there seemed to be things going on every night. No worries because I have plenty (plenti) to look forward to. Tomorrow night is the PC track team reunion which should be great fun.

Can't stop listening to the song below. I need to get more from these guys.

Love Kel

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  1. Thanks for turning me on to this band. Found some other stuff by them and its all good!