Monday, November 2, 2009

Here I'm Allowed, Everything All Of The Time

I'm alive. Just on the road in NYC for the last week. I had the New York Marathon Expo to look after and as per usual I promise myself lots of breaks and bed early and as per usual I take no breaks and I stay up late. Its an intense 4 days but really fun. The only downside is the pain I have in my knees. Working an expo for 13 hours is worse on the knees than any run. I was feeling depressed after the last day because of how sore my knees were and watching excited athletes on the eve of the marathon didn't help.

The marathon itself was awesome. I was really happy to see USA get their first win in over 25 years and even more pleased to see Meb get it done. He has been such a consistent performer since graduating from UCLA in 1998 and in recent years has somewhat slid under the radar. With Teg, Ritz and Hall putting forth such amazing performances it seemed that everyone forgot about Meb. The joy he exuded after crossing the line showed that he probably felt some of that loss of spotlight too. It was a real wake up to everyone that Meb is one of the best American distance runners we have ever seen. He really deserved the win and I believe everyone was genuinely happy for him. Ryan Hall may not have lived up to his pre race favorite tag but 2:10 being a "bad" run in New York shows what a class act the guy is. Lots of friends had good runs but I was disappointed for Paula Radcliffe who carrying an injury faded to 4th. Great day and another first class event by NYRR.

Been off the music scene for a week now. Really frustrated by this because I just got on the blogs for the first time and I have missed a lot of stuff. Therefore I have a lot of reading to do tonight and tomorrow. I am getting an MRI on my right knee to see how severe the loss of cartilage is on that side. Nothing like having two battered knees and attempting to still run.
Keeping the faith and the love,


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