Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bring On The Dancing Horses

PM: 90 Minutes Trainer Ride - Workout

Man, my google alerts are being inundated with Radiohead news stories, except they are not the band Radiohead stories, rather they are about a race horse named Radiohead. I don't like horse racing anymore (not that I ever loved it or really even liked it) but its cool that some owner named their horse after the best band on the planet.

Not sure why that was worth talking about but I just checked my alerts for news and the first 4 stories were horse racing related. Tonight, I banged out a hard session on the bike. Probably pointless since I am only trying to keep general fitness but I was in a self torture mood for no particular reason. I just thought about Forest Gump right as I wrote that sentence. Anyway, I warmed up for 20 minutes and for the next hour I did intervals ranging from 20 second tabatha sprints to single leg efforts to out of the saddle hill climbs. I was dying at the end but so content with the work I put in. The evening was made better by going to Abes for a few pints with the fearless leader and Coxy. I Like Thursdays.

If you like the band Fiery Furnaces you should probably reconsider. They gave the middle finger to Radiohead because they thought that the song "Harry Patch, In Memory Of" was actually about an American composer Harry Partch. They proceeded to claim Radiohead were simply trying to associate themselves with things that other people consider cool. How silly do they look now. The Fiery Furnaces, pathetic. You only wish you had the talent of Radiohead. But you don't.

Love Kel


  1. Can't believe you didn't think it was worth while letting us know how the horse got on!

  2. Ha,
    He is racing in the Breeders cup this weekend, the Juvenile race. I will post how he gets on!


  3. come on keith...its not cool to like radiohead anymore so say the hipsters. First it was Tapes N Tapes, Broken Social Scene and now the next great thing is a shitty guitar player, random girl who may/may not be hot and 2 keyboard players all wailing away on "art music" that sounds like me drunk messing with garage band.

    that said the fiery furnaces sucked live when i saw them. This is the most pub they have gotten in a long while as well. if you cant beat them, slag them off. I believe noel gallagher said that