Monday, November 16, 2009

Am I Still Ill

PM: Hour Easy On The Bike Trainer

I should have undoubtably taken a day off but Kim said going for a run made her feel a lot better so I figured I would try the same. It worked for an hour and then things went pear shaped. I do think I am over the worst of this cold/flu but I still should have sat on my arse tonight. I find it difficult to do anything less than 60 minutes on the bike. Its something I really need to get over. Got all my right knee medical reports from Boulder sent to Dr. Brian McKeon. Hopefully I can get in to see him asap. Need to sort this out.

The PC Track reunion was on Saturday night and was awesome. It was great to see so many friends gather and to connect with guys that pounded the pavement around the tiny campus over 40 years ago. For those guys to see the facilities and support the team gets now makes me realize that even I was lucky despite still using the old Peterson center. Those guys had very little but still put in the miles and still made the PC team what it is today. The next day I had a hangover but worse than that was the realization that the illness I've been fighting decided to attack. All day was spent in the scratch, achieved by knocking myself out with Nyquil and Termaflu tea. I feel good right now and I am hoping I sleep a bit tonight. 12+ hours of sleep is like hibernation for me. Could be a long evening.

Since posting "Two Door Cinema Club", I've been addicted. Great electro pop music that reminds me of early Bloc Party. The three guys are from Ireland too which makes it even better. We need to keep putting out acts. Only one more track from these guys and then I move on. Yesterday was Ali Love - Diminishing Returns. Yes it is a complete "When Doves Cry" rip off but still enjoyable. Could easily post three or four tracks tonight, lots of great music coming out now.

Peace and Love

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