Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When A Cold Wind Blows It Chills You, Chills You To The Bone.

Summer was marginal at best and now it feels like Winter. Where did September go? What a non-month even though it had kick ass moments. And tomorrow is Oct 1sr, my 32nd B-Day but really just another Earth cycle. My knee is still going to feel like ass and the wind off lake Huron is going to blow hard making my bike ride a suffer fest. The last 2 days I rode 2 hours each afternoon. The first effort involved Frankie dropping me off about 55k from her parents house. Ordinarily this is a joke of a ride but it was the worse headwind I have ever experienced on the bike and since I was just heading north it was around the whole way. Brutal. At points on the ride I was screaming for it to stop (i know shouting can't make the wind stop), thats how irrational I was. Got back exhausted. One of the hardest rides I have ever done. A long straight road for 30+ miles with 30-60 MPH wind coming off the lake. Today was not bad although had I not rode yesterday I would have said it was horrible. I did an out and back with cross winds all the way. I enjoyed the ride and pushed hard over the last 30 minutes. Two solid days in the bank.

Thom York just announced his band for the solo material tour. The band is as yet unnamed but let me tell you, I'm very excited. Flea is his bassist! With Joey Waronker on drums. He usually plays with REM and Beck. Much more will be announced about this over the coming days but for right now it seems like it will be awesome. They are playing shows in LA next weekend. I would love to go but its not possible. People better take good video footage!

Thats all I got. Canada for a few more days and then its Bye Bye to Frankie and a return to US and A. A little more positive today!

Peace and Much Love,


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  1. Happy birthday Keith, I hope it was a positive Earth cycle with limited wind!

    I wrote this article in your honor. Give it a once over, and tell me whether you think I'm blowin smoke.