Monday, September 7, 2009

The Dream Of Horsemen

AM: 45 Minutes Run, RIC
PM: 2:10 Bike Ride, w/ Tempo

Didn't feel as tired this morning as I thought I would. In fact I jumped out of the bed feeling bouncy. Met Kurt for an easy 45 minutes around RIC. The one thing I lost touch with was running hills. I spent a lot of time running up and down the Blvd and as much as I love it there is no replacement for hills. Knee wasn't too sore but then again I did not pound on it. This is the new way. And I am still focusing on mid-foot landing which seems to continue to help.

Labor day was seriously lazy for me so I was very happy to get out for a Bike Ride. Did a loop around North Providence and finished with a hard 4 laps (10 Miles) of Lincoln Woods. I was racing cars like I was in a Peleton. Unsafe? Yes, Great Fun? Yes! Felt fantastic all the way.

Lovely start to the week. Lots of goals and things to cross off over the next 7 days. Time to stop messing around and get back at it, hard.

Peace and Love


  1. Hey Kel, cool new vid you may want to check if you haven't seen it yet!


  2. Oops, haha it's not new, was just the first time I saw it. Cool none the less.