Sunday, September 13, 2009

AM: 3:06 Bike Ride, 30 Minutes Run - Brick

The morning involved a lot of coffee to compensate for my inability to wake up. It was 10pm before I got out the door, which given the effort  I was about to put forth made no sense. Should have just got up and go on with it, the morning was cool but right at about 11 bells the sun came out and the heat was turned up manys a notch.

The first 25 minutes were easy riding before I hit the hills on Log road. At that point I was starting to work and elevate the HR. By 2:15 I found myself in Lincoln woods where I did some tempo, really pushing the hills. Got home feeling nice and tired  and very warm. Turnaround was about 3 minutes or less and I did a 5 mile loop and just under 6 minute pace. My knee was really bothering me but I was so tired that it didn't really matter. I thought I was only running 6:45 pace but obviously when I finished 5 miles in 28 and change it was a good explanation for feeling so terrible.

It was a great day of training and right now I feel very satisfied. Been pretty smashed all day and need to to a better job replenishing. Last I checked cans of Naragansett didn't cut it! I can't really be bothered running the numbers for the week. I am very aimless right now because with my knee being the way it is I cannot commit to anything. Its not a great situation to be in but I could be a lot worse.

Love Kel

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