Friday, September 4, 2009

If There Is Nothing Left To Burn You Have To Set Yourself On Fire

We are entering a new chapter. New decisions, new goals, new focus, new situation. The last week has been a little crazy hence my absence from the blog. Basically these are the most significant changes in the lives of Frankie and I since we started our relationship. 

Francine is returning to Canada to attend the University of Waterloo and pursue her Masters In Public Health. Before kicking off grad school she is accepting an offer to work an internship at the World Health Organization in Switzerland. She is heading off on the 26th of the month after we see Julian Plenti in NYC. 

We have moved from the East Side back to the Northside and are renting a room off Kim Smith and Pat Tarpy, good friends, great people. Once Frankie leaves I'll be staying through the Fall. 

Since I have been denied surgery I have decided to get back at it. Basically I will try and start a new training program. I am going to use pain as a guide. Any run over a 5/10 is cause for concern and I'll back off. If I can run below 5 on the scale I will try and maintain 6-8 miles a day for 2 months. As little as this is I'll actually get quite fit off it. My bike riding will continue and I'll try ride 6-10 hours a week. Finally I am going to Aqua Jog for a couple of hours and even do some swimming. It will be Triathlon training with the goal of getting back to a decent level of running fitness. If I can't race due to pain I'll fight to get surgery paid for or I'll hang em up. There really is nothing left to burn so I am setting myself on fire. If my knee cracks again so be it. Time to go all in.

Back to regular training and music posting tomorrow. So much good stuff to discuss. 

Love Kel

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