Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Could There Be A Love Beneath These Wings

PM: 51 Minutes, RIC, Steady. Some Core.

Weekends, especially long ones go by so quickly. Not that I did much other than training on my bike and a few scoops. Its just nice to switch off. With that being said it was nice to get back into routine today. Didn't run until this evening when I managed to grab a few miles with Pat. We ran at a little more of an uptempo clip, I think Pat had the race pace in his legs from yesterday. Fantastic.

My knee didn't hurt until the latter stages of the run. Frustrating, but its all part of the game. I was chatting with John Supsic tonight. John is a talented runner who suffers the same fate as the likes of myself and Thom McArdle. He trains, gets fit, but always falls victim to injury before he can race. So what keeps us all going? Its a discussion I had with John and I really don't have an answer. It is quite torturous. Most runners get hurt and I laugh when some runners get injured for the first time and you would think their small world has completely crashed.......little do they know what it is like to have your entire running career marred by injury. John was asking me what keeps me coming back for more, knowing that the end result will most likely (given the odds) be another injury. I simply think I am addicted to running, but not in a psycho way, rather I truly love it and while I can still manage something the desire to get out and run will never go away, and neither will the dreams. There is a light that never goes out.

Listening to Florence And The Machine today. How good is the song in the youtube clip below.

Love Kel


  1. Thanks for keeping the faith. Lots of us need your positive vibe to remind us we are blessed to have any opportunity to run despite any set backs or injuries.Stay strong.

  2. Keith, great post! Injuries are indeed part of the game, and it still baffles me everyday that some people just can't understand or accept that.

    No runner likes injury, but the ones who truly love to run will accept injury when it happens and lace the shoes back up again if and when the opportunity allows. That type of passion for running and competition, while it can admittedly keep getting us into trouble, is first and foremost a beautiful and powerful thing. For some runners, I think it's an inability to recognize that real, true passion for running, rather than the inability to accept something as inevitable as injury, that gets them into trouble.

    When a runner such as you or I gets hurt, everyone feels bad for us. They seem to forget about that light that never goes out. There are others, however, for whom the light never gets turned on for in the first place. I feel bad for these people.

    That said, your love for running and ability to keep moving forward is indeed inspiring -- always has been, always will be. As I heal from my own injury (pelvic stress fracture #3) over the next 8-10 weeks I will continue to follow the blog and follow your example. Keep on keepin' on, Kel.