Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You'll Never See A Finer Ship In Your Life

AM: 43 Minutes, RIC w/Add on
PM: Bike Trainer Workout, 70 Minutes

Worked from home today, drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating far to much chocolate. But I was productive. Starting the day off with a nice 7 mile loop always helps although I didn't feel as bouncy or as pain free as I did last night. Rocked the new kicks again mind you so I felt pretty fleet of foot. My knee did hurt afterwards however especially my right knee which is like salt in the wounds. Its bad enough to have major concerns about my injury without having to worry about a swollen knee on the other leg. Good training all the same.

The PM session involved a Chuckie V workout. He is a former world class triathlete and his blog provides much entertainment. Anyway, occasionally he gives bike workouts and I did one of them this afternoon although due to time constraints I needed to cut it short. After 20 Minutes steady warm up I did 12 minutes of 1 min out of the saddle grinding a big gear, 1 minute in the saddle with the same gear about 70 RPM, 1 minute 105-110 in a medium gear. Repeat 4 times with no rest. After the 12 minutes I took 2 minutes before doing 8 x 20 seconds all out in a medium gear with 10 seconds recovery. Its only 4 minutes but it is very, very hard. I then followed up with 3 x 6 minutes hard with 2 mins recovery. Short cool down and I was all done. Lovely training in the bank.

I have a little conundrum. Dutch Trancemaster/Cheesemaster DJ Tiesto is starting to try his hand at being hip and cool by using current, influential artists to collaborate on his new album. Tegan + Sarah, Metric, Bloc Party to name a few. I don't really have a problem with this. That is until now. He has collaborated with Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros. Jonsi is one of my favorite singers and Sigur one of my favorite bands. So how am I supposed to take this news. So I listened to it many times and I actually like it......the shame! How am I supposed to call myself a true pioneer of the techno sound and like Tiesto! Horrible and very confusing. I had to tell fellow techno head Shawn Donnelly the truth today. Not good. But it would be worse if I pretended like I hated it. That would be insincere, something I am not. I may be a little arrogant when it comes to music but we all have our guilty pleasures. The tune is below so check it out.

Love Kel

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