Sunday, September 6, 2009

Your Weightless, Semi-Erotic

AM: 61 Miles Bike, 2:48, Flat Course, Hard Effort

I rode some miles in Providence before making my way down to Narragansett. I even took a swing into Goddard State park to check out the old stomping grounds. Haven't been there this year yet. My fast time was due to a tail wind on the way down to the beach. I had a good 25 miles of strong wind helping me maintain 24-28 miles an hour on the flat. I turned into a strong headwind for the last 10 miles but by that point I had done a long tempo effort so I cruised the last 30 minutes. Despite the tailwind I hammered and really punished myself. In fact the wind encouraged me to hammer and I kept the HR high for about 90 minutes of the ride. Very tired now, and very satisfied.

I watched the Soloist tonight and enjoyed it very much. Frankie and I talked about needing to get some classical music into our life. Too much music, too little time. Quite day on the sounds aside from almost three hours of shuffle on the old ride. Everything from Grizzly Bear to Bat For Lashes. I do need to revamp the playlist on my iPod.  I haven't updated in several weeks. Shoddy. Big week ahead. All is full of love,


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