Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Slip Through The Streets

AM: 41 Minutes, Core Work.

Ran the very same loop as I did yesterday. And did the same core routine. The intention was to do a serious bike session today but my right knee is inflamed. So my knee is very sore. Not my injured knee, my decent peg. Naturally this is very unsatisfying but I can't do anything positive about it. In order to fix it I need to back off and I feel like I'm hardly doing anything right now! Little swimming action I guess. Song of the day is below,

Love Kel


  1. great to see your keeping your level of fitness up,hopefull youll be flying for euros!!watch out for the joeys of drogheda who will be competing in Ocean State XC in Warwick Park On Saturday!!

  2. Unfortunately I won't be in Rhode Island this weekend. I am off to Canada for a week with my girlfriend! Good luck and great to see The Joeys getting some good international competition,