Thursday, September 10, 2009

When I Am King You Will Be First Against The Wall

AM: 10+ miles, 70 Minutes, Goddard Park
PM: 45 Minutes Trainer Hard

I went to Goddard with Pat early this AM since he was doing a long easy run. I figured I'd go 50 or so minutes but ended up with 70. Maybe a little aggressive but I felt good and it was great to be out on the trails on a crisp, early fall morning. My knee is a little sore, no doubt and I won't be doing more than 50 minutes again over the next few weeks. The thing is that my right knee is actually giving me more trouble than my left knee. It seems like the whole joint is a little swollen, no doubt from favoring. Left knee can tolerate training as long as it is pretty easy. All in all running is great but my knees are not.

Things went from bad to worse when I had to stop my trainer ride 45 minutes in. The plan was 75 minutes with some 3 min reps but my right knee was hurting after 2 minutes and I dealt with it until I saw no point in going any further. Not like I'm getting on the negative train or anything. Just need to be a little careful with both knees now.

The upside from the day was listening to the new Editors track "Papillon" from the forthcoming album 'In This Light And On This Evening'. It has a very Nu Wave Synth sound, and is certainly a departure from the tracks on the first two albums. They are following the trail of Bloc Party. The 80's sounds are most definitely back and that makes me a happy camper.

Love Kel


  1. Kel Man, How goes it?! Not been able to read your blog for a while 'cos it's been blocked here in Chinky land....I got a VPN set up now so happy days! Back to fitter happier! Speaking of fitter happier, I'm heading to a race today in Mongolia. Beautiful!
    Anyway, will mail you soon. Hope the knees are good man. I dunno about your new method of training by pain although it is very Sean Kelly-esque!

    Lova ya man.

    crawlor x LRBM

  2. Not too many running blogs mention Sean Kelly! I love it! He was an awesome cyclist. Good luck with your training. It must be difficult to hold back when you are on the roads with one of the best road racers currently in New England. Watch out for the hard spinning on the trainer especially with the road mileage you are putting in.