Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Was Hoping For Something A Little More Relistic

AM: 45 Minutes Run, Easy
PM 75 Minutes Trainer Ride W/ Workout

After a nice night with a few scoops and good conversation I felt ready to train today. I did have a day off yesterday, essential given the pain in my knee all day. Myself and Tarpy met up with Kurt B and in a light rain did a few easy miles, the best miles I've done since Feb. My knee didn't hurt too much and I felt really good. The temptation to run an hour or so was overwhelming but once I hit 40 minutes I felt a sharp pain. A reminder that I am actually injured and may never be able to knock out hour runs, pain free, ever again.

The afternoon called for a workout on the Trainer. It was really hard. Given the heat in the basement and the fact that I was sans fan even the warm up was rough. I did 15 X 1 min on/off. I started off with steady cadence in big gears but by the end the minute effort was at max output. I got dizzy after the last rep and felt awful, but really joyful at the same time. Great session.

New Sunset Rubdown video has been released. It is for the track "Black Swan", one of my favorite biking tunes. Its angry and very emotional. Lovely.


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