Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kickin Wine Buzz

PM: 41 Minutes Steady Run, Core Work

Today was a long work day but lots on my mind and busy work to get done. Fortunately I ended up being pretty productive given my state of mind. I waited until the evening to do any exercise. I was temped to take the day off but felt I'd be better served getting my training on. It was a good call and I felt pretty good considering the lack of energy I brought into the run. Finished my last lap on the track at a good clip. Knee pain was 5 out of 10.

Marc Darroch, older brother of Frankie has offered up 3 ep's worth of music for free download. The music comes from his Mossyrock moniker, a fuse of electronic folk and postrock with lots of soothing vocals and melody.  But what does any of that mean? Well you just have to download the music and spread it to your friends and families. And maybe even people you don't like or you think need a pick up! The music, regardless of the style, is first and foremost fun and joyful. Nothing else matters. The track, "I want to eat your eyes", is below. GET IT, AND FEEL THE LOVE!

In other music news, I saw the USC marching band perform a medley of "15 Step" and "Paranoid Android" as a half time show at one of their recent games. I really appreciate this, especially given the collaboration at the recent Grammy Awards. They obviously enjoyed themselves and truly enjoy the music. Makes me support USC a little more!

Love Kel

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