Friday, September 25, 2009

Art And Music

My leg has been bothering me so much lately that I have found no desire or energy to write about it. Complete transparency aside not one wants to read constant moaning so I will avoid doing such. The last three days have been a challenge with the top of my calf, tendons in my knee, and hammy all acting very strange. I know its because of my attempts to change my gait. Not that I am giving that up, its essential that I stay the course. But the growing pains are not pleasant.

Today I head down to NYC with Frankie. I am visiting some stores and meeting people. Then tonight we see Julian Plenti at the Guggenheim Museum. It will be close, emotional, epic, and rare. Needless to say I need this right now. It is our last weekend together for 2+ months, maybe longer. Lots of strange energy, sadness and joy that she is chasing the dream much like I have been as a runner for the last 10 years. It is a great opportunity for Frankie and even though I will miss her I wouldn't change anything and I encourage her to maybe extend her stay in Geneva (selfishly hoping she'll stay through the spring so I can bring my bike and ride some of the famous Tour De France passes!!!!)

Like I have said many times before, Julian Plenti is amazing. He is the lead singer of the band Interpol and this is his solo project that has been in existence long before Interpol formed. Paul Banks is a fantastic singer with such a distinct voice that is addicting and intoxicating. I love Interpol but I really love Paul Banks voice. Not that this is a knock on the band. They work really well together and are very tight but Paul has a sadness in his vocals that really hits home with me. Not on the level as Thom or Spencer Krug but certainly very high up on the list of guys I could listen to sing for a very long time. Tonight will be epic and I hope to be right in front of the stage. Will post pics and video over the weekend.

Love Kel

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