Friday, October 2, 2009

Burn The Streets, Burn The Cars

My last day in Port Elgin and last day with Frankie for a while. Tough times but new and better opportunities await which is very positive. We ran 30 minutes yesterday and both felt crappy. My knee was not as bad as it has been so I may do another 30 minutes today. The rain that has been threatening all week has finally come so I am not riding. Right now I am doing one of my favorite things, searching the blogosphere for new music and it is coming in droves although I cannot stop listening to two songs. ARMS - Kids Aflame and Dead Man's Bones - Pa Pa Power. Nothing brings out sunshine on a rainy, miserable day like finding great new music. Signing off because I have real work to do at some point and this lunch break is becoming a day break.

Love Kel

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