Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grounds For Divorce

AM: 25 Minutes Run
PM: 90 Minutes Trainer Ride
PM: 31 Minutes Swim

Good day of athletics, cycling, and swimming. By most peoples standards, including my own, the running portion was pretty pathetic but being able to jog 25 minutes out of bed is not bad. Knee was sore afterwards and not really bad. I actually forgot about it while getting my root canal. Yes, a root canal. My second visit to the dentist in 10 days. Fortunately I am done for the year with Dr. Barr and his surprisingly comfortable chair.

After work I jumped on my trainer and did 90 minutes. Just like last night I did more than I planned and I made it up as I went along. Some single leg drills, some big gear efforts, some out of the saddle work, and some spinning. And just like last night, Coxy rang my phone with 10 minutes to go so I was chatting while cooling down and I felt amazing.

Right after I hit up the PC pool and swam just over 30 minutes. I felt really tired. Far from a fish is this guy. I might need some lessons on how to be more efficient. I feel like I am slow, and the fact that there was a female student in the next lane literally going three lengths for two of mine makes me realize I need to get some tips now before I develop bad habits. Nothing beats running, thats for sure.

I've been listening to the the new Echo And The Bunnymen album. I am not sure yet. I need many more listens. Its ok on first go around but with so much amazing music I kind of think the the Bunnymen have passed their best days. However, I need many more listens. On first run through the below song is my favorite.

Love Kel

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