Monday, October 19, 2009

It Spat Its Rain Down On Me

PM: 90 Minutes Trainer Ride, single leg drills

Another night in the basement making up a workout on the bike. I've been thinking about writing a training plan. I know the days I'll be going swimming so thats a start. Beyond that I know I will ride almost everyday and when I can run (if I ever run again) I'll mix in some of that too. Little bit of core work here and there and I have the basics. Today I rode steady for 30 minutes, did single leg drills for 8 minutes and then rode hard for 30 minutes before a steady cool down until I hit 90 minutes. I planned on another 75 mins but Coxy called so it allowed me time to speak to him and add on another 15 minutes. Lovely session and I felt fantastic.

I listened to "Memory Tapes" on my ride today. Some songs are okay and some are fantastic, like the one I have below. Memory Tapes is a collaboration between "Memory Cassettes" and "Weird Tapes". I am not super familiar with either band although I do have some Weird Tapes tracks I just read about their union on the blogosphere. This song has been out for a while. The track, and their other music, is really joyful and emotional with true nostalgia of Nu Wave and summer days drinking cans and living large. Really simple and beautiful.

Love Kel


  1. Kellyo,

    Have to say man, LOVE the Sunset Rubdown stuff. That Mending of the Gown is great stuff altogether. There's LOADS of deadly stuff in that one track. Each verse changes. Very Talking Headsesque lead singer.

    You keepin' well I assume. When you're keepin' well, everyone knows and rides it with you. When things are bad, everyone still rides it with you, so use that energy.

    Things are great east-side anyway. Always thinking of you. Fit as f--k again I am!

    LRBM (crawlor)

  2. b.t.w cuntyballs, happy belated b-day!

  3. It will be a joyful day when I can finally go for a long bike ride with ya bro. And I don't crash as often as I used to!