Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dead Souls

PM: 75 Minutes Ride
PM: 26 Minutes Run

This morning called for a trip to the dentist and a sizable filling. Its been a long time coming but if I avoided the storm thus far its now tidal in scope and about to wash over me. I am getting three fillings in the next 2 weeks. Nice. Nothing like a drill in the gob and a lot needles. I was going to ride after but I was actually quite sore (bit of a dentist novice) and numb. Instead I went and got a large coffee from the Exchange and came home to bang out some work.

In the afternoon I did a 75 minute progression ride. Started off easy and built up the HR as the sweat and music intensified. I played some old skool Sasha and Digweed. Lovely tunes for a hard trainer session. When I got off the bike Fagan woke from his nap and started to prepare for his afternoon run. I made a rational decision to join him for 3-4 miles of it. Knee hurt and hurts now but it was a great to get out for some fresh air. I feel like I am training again so its all good. But I will not be happy until I am up to at least 45 minutes of running combined with 90+ minutes of riding.

New French Teen Idol album came out this summer. I haven't really sat down and listened to it until today. It is stunningly beautiful. I downloaded it on my old Mac and since I bought my new Mac I didn't listen to a lot of Summer albums with the dedication they deserve. Below is an example of the new sound. Fantastic.

Peace and Love



  1. Your flotrack interview could make a non-runner want to run! If you haven't check out, it is a online radio statio that plays a lot of wicked tunes. Best with your recovery!