Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dead Mans Bones

PM: 60 Minutes Bike
PM: 31 Minutes Swim

Thank you for all the positive emails regarding my recent flotrack vid. It was off the cuff after a long day at Manhattan and Ryan was very nice to give an old dog a chance to relive some of the glory days!
Speaking of glory days, I jumped back into twice a day training. I did a bike/swim combo and I feel great even though I cannot lift my arms. I had an interesting day to say the least so its good to be back home surfing the blogosphere and finding new music. Some of which is below. I mentioned these guys recently and this song is still playing heavily on the iPod.
No other news other than 41 Rome Ave is a little more quite now that Frankie and Pat are gone. Fagan is here for 2 weeks to keep us entertained so thats good.
Love Kel

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  1. Great interview dude & a tasty song too. Best of luck with the recovery.