Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well I Wonder

AM: 35 Minutes Steady
PM: 45 Minutes Bike Trainer Session
PM: 35 Minutes Swim

Not a good day on my right knee. The tendonitis I am experiencing in the back of my knee has bit lit up and has engulfed my knee is flames of swelling. I didn't even run that hard, just some steady miles around a 5.5 mile loop. I was over 6 min pace all the way so needless to say I am exceptionally frustrated. I will have to stay at 20-25 minutes because my knee didn't become as inflamed after the other two runs I did this week.

I had no intentions of riding today but my knee was getting me down and I thought that some biking might help loosen it up. It didn't work. Swelling and general pain was very evident, even during the session. I went straight up to the pool afterwards and did a workout that Kempes gave me today. It involved 2 x 400m warm up. The first set had a buoy between the legs but it kept popping out because I can't swim with my legs together so the warm up ended up being a very hard 800m for me. Like warming up for a track session by "jogging" 3 miles in 14:30! The main set was 3 x 200 using long, slow strokes and counting the amount for 25 years. After that I maintain the same count but increase the output. Disaster. The first set had me anaerobic because gliding in the water requires ability to control breathing which I can't. I did my best but it was a long 600m. I cooled down with 200m of easy freestyle and breaststroke. I need lessons, sharpish.

The only music I listened to today was on the bike and it was all Wolf Parade. So nothing new to report. I think I am addicted to Spencers voice. I never paid much attention to the differences between Dan and Spencer. Both voiced suited their respective songs. However after playing "Dragonslayer" endlessly and revisiting "Random Spirit Lover", my favorite Sunset Rubdown album the distinction between the two voices is really obvious. Not that I don't like Dan's voice. I think its amazing, I just think Spencer Krug has a better voice for my personal taste.

Peace And Love,


This one's for you Crawlor!

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