Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weak And Empty, But Happy

PM: 60 Minutes Trainer Hard
PM: 21 Minutes Swim, Exhausted

I am so weak. Literally, not figuratively. My Arms were so exhausted tonight that I had to stop after 21 pathetic minutes. I had no power and no energy. The bike portion of the training tonight was quite the opposite. Lots of power and lots of great energy, helped by some Milton Jackson and Gui Boratto. The pace was up tempo all the way, the music was up tempo and the wise thing would have been to stay on the bike for 90 minutes rather than force a swim. Mike DeCoste sent me an email outlining some swimming tips. They worked for the first few lengths before exhaustion and weakness took over. So I got out of the water, not too bothered either.

The weather is on crack. Beautiful, sunny fall days make me miss running so much. There is a smell in the air that is the smell of Cross Country. Its warm but cold, feels like summer but also like winter. The yellow/brown of the leaves gives the whole area a tan. I may go to Franklin Park on Sunday to watch Mayors Cup. Its always hard to watch a race I desperately want to run again but if I don't support cross country running in Boston what hope does the sport have!

Peace and Love

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  1. Kels

    keep at the swimming boss. First I could only swim no more than a few lengths at a time. But you get in a mad workout.
    Now i'm not a fish but can bang out sets and get in 2000-3000y in the pool per session.
    So is this a new direction ?