Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner Bells

AM: 70 Minutes Steady Trainer Ride

Back in action. Legs are a little stiff but I had a joyful session on the bike. I am delighted to be back training. My knee is not too bad but I still cannot even jog. Yesterdays 1.25 miles run was sore! With that being said the temptation to run this week will be heightened since Fagan is staying here. It will be difficult to watch him run each day. At least Kim is on a break so I won't be the only one not running. I bought the new Editors album today, "In This Light And On This Evening". It is very Joy Division and has come under some criticism. I don't mind a new album sounding like Joy Division so I will be listening with an open mind. Below is the opening track.

Love Kel

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