Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thats What You Get For Pulling Pins, Another Hole Inside The Hole Your In

Today I decided that I was going to stop feeling sorry for myself and get my act together. Normally this spells disaster, a hard session with no regard for my current state of fitness. Not this time however. I got on the bike and I did a sold 60 Minutes at a pretty high cadence, maintaining a high, but not too high HR. (I didn't wear a monitor). The choice of tunage was The Smiths. I always wonder and will continue to forever, why I was not a Smiths fan in school. Did something change in my brain. Too much techno driving me slightly insane perhaps. But I love everything by the Smiths. There is literally not one song that I don't like. And they may be the only band whos entire catalog has no misses in my opinion. I can't say that about Radiohead, although they have a lot more songs and a longer career. I can say some of Mozzers solo work is questionable. It was a real joy to shuffle through the albums. So many great songs. My favorite of which is below.
Off to NYC tomorrow but I will get a session in. I am staying on top of fitness again and I a going to start my daily trainer rides to tap into that never ending store of if only my knees would cop the F on.

Peace and Love,


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