Saturday, January 23, 2010

You Climb Endless Trees

Its been a tough week for training. Basically I did nothing. We were on the road with work visiting Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Salt Lake City. The trip was fantastic but kicking around in the back of my mind was the miserable reality that my knee has regressed and is unable to take the very meager training load I'm giving it. My lack of posts here has been down to general disappointment in my progress, or lack thereof. I am taking 2 weeks off all exercise and I'm going to go back to the original rehab plan to see if that makes a difference. If it doesn't work I may have to get another MRI and see if there is still a minor tear somewhere in the joint.

Trying to stay positive is very difficult but in the wake of global disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti I need to cop on and stop feeling sorry for myself. There is so much good stuff happening right now that perhaps I need to be grateful for the wonderful friends, music and life I have at my fingertips. I intend on doing that while trying to fix the problem. I'll be back in no time, still hungry and very determined.

Love Kel

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