Saturday, January 16, 2010

And Nothing

AM: 60 Minutes Trainer Ride, Core Work

Got on the bike for the first time in three days this morning. My knee felt a little better and the swelling really subsided with the ice and Advil. I didn't push it at all opting to ride high cadence without huge resistance. I am happy with how my knee responded and I am excited about going to Providence Bike tomorrow morning for the first group trainer ride of the season. Basically anywhere between 6 and 12 people set up their trainers in the store and we do a session while watching old stages of various tours or one day classics. Its really cool and having so many people around working hard is inspiring. I am super motivated for the season to start. Ironically, tomorrow will be the warmest day of the last 30 so we should really go outside! There is still a lot of ice on the streets, especially the country roads so I suppose staying inside is the right thing to do.

I grabbed the new Album Leaf album today. Its called A Chorus Of Storytellers and it is fantastic.
Jimmy LaValle has been putting out beautiful music under his Album Leaf moniker for over ten years and this is his fifth studio album. Produced by Jon Birgisson of Sigur Ros fame the record is full of diverse and inspiring sounds. This time the album utilizes a full band and you can really hear the depth of the music in the tracks. I listened through twice and I imagine it will get the play through several more times through the weekend. Below is an initial favorite.

Peace and Love


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