Monday, January 4, 2010

Singing I Miss You

PM: 60 Minutes Trainer, Core Work

The training is kind of boring and flat right now. I am still nursing this knee after surgery so I can't really push it. However I think I got over the first hump today. Over the last 4 rides I still felt a little tweak here and there but today there was nothing. The joint felt fluid and right now I have a big ice pack wrapped around it. I might be able to increase the volume on the bike with some double days before I kick into the 90+ minute trainer sessions. Putting all thoughts about running out of my mind for the next few weeks.

Haven't listened to any new music today. Work was long and I literally feel hammered. Going to play some Album Leaf and read some Irvine Welsh. The hype is all about the new Vampire Weekend but I can't really be bothered. The first album in my opinion was the most over rated, over hyped, uninteresting record of 2008. I'll admit, after a few listens I never gave it another go but when I hear the songs they still don't do it for me. I will listen to the new album but I'll wait until next week when its officially released.

Love Kel

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