Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ageless Beauty

AM: 80 Minutes Trainer Ride, Core Work

There was a marked improvement in my knee today. Obviously a few days off helped and maybe it was just what I needed. My intention was to ride for 40 minutes which turned into 45 and so on until I hit 80 minutes. At that point, still feeling fantastic, I realized what I was doing was completely irrational, albeit typical behavior. I wanted to do more but pulled the plug and took the energy into a core routine. I despise core work, mainly due to the fact that I've done so much of it and yet continue to get injured. All my injuries are based on abnormalities in my structure and they are unavoidable if I train hard. The core work does help but all it really serves to do is make me feel strong which means I train harder and get injured sooner than I would normally. However, I'm still told I have significant muscle imbalance so I do the exercises. At this point I've nothing to loose.

The music scene isn't serving up much these days. I am listening to a lot of dreamwave tracks and even though most of it is poppy and even cheesy I thoroughly enjoy it. I finally got my Editors tickets in the mail. Really looking forward to this show at The House Of Blues. The former venue, Avalon, was home to some amazing nights between 1998 and 2004. Prior to the progressive house sound blowing up in the USA the likes of John Digweed and Sasha would play Axis and Avalon to crowds that were there for the music only. We used to go up all the time and it was awesome. It went downhill when the music policy changed and Trance dj's filled the slots every week. Axis hung on with cool sounds for a little while longer before the crowds disappeared and the venue closed. Now Avalon is gone and Lansdowne Street will never be the same. A decent concert venue was needed mind you, so its not all bad. Really excited about seeing Editors for the first time.

Also, if you have 6 minutes to spare and are interested, Ed O'Brien of Radiohead was interviewed about the process of releasing In Rainbows and the "Pay What You Want" model. He makes some great points. Check it out here.

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