Friday, January 1, 2010

Green Knight

AM: 50 Minutes Trainer, Lots Of Core Work

Rehab is really frustrating. It places limits on how much I can do which is a big no - no. The overwhelming desire to train super hard and long today was blocked by rational. I am following Doctors orders so the training is really uneventful and boring. I rode steady with no real resistance for 50 minutes and then did a full core routine to try and salvage something out of the training. My knee has improved radically over the last week. Compared to all my other surgeries this feels amazing. I can't believe how quick the swelling disappeared and the range of motion returned. I almost feel like testing it with a sneaky run but like I said, the new year will bring some more maturity.

I received my annual "songs of the year" CD by the legendary Bob Schwelm. Knew most of the music on there but had a few surprises thrown in. One track stood out for me from a band I've never heard of, Throw Me A Statue - Noises. Throroughly enjoyed this track and will need to check out more from the rest of the band. I've also been busy compiling a few year end CD's myself and working on compiling my favorite albums of the decade. Its really tough but I think I'm done. The songs are almost impossible to compile in order. So much amazing music.

First day of 2010 and it was soild. Training done and hanging with some great friends at Abes and Cuban Revolution. Lovely.


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  1. Just seen that you have had surgery. May it be a total success so that you can have a great running year ahead..Best of luck