Friday, January 15, 2010

I Know What I Am

I had a lovely time in Boston tonight with Tommy Mac. The discussion ranged from hilarious stories to very grown up but I love love Tom's enthusiasm so its all good and a sign of the times is that we spoke very little about running! We drank a few scoops at an extremely packed "Public House" in Brookline. Lovely swill mind you. I think I want to live back in Boston at some point. With that being said, living is not exactly one part of my life's high point with Frankie being kicked out of her apartment in Geneva by an overweight, money hungry landlord. It should be fine but in the short term it still sucks.

I have had three days off the old training cycle to let my knee settle down. I really did some damage to it with the biking and excessive walking around. It is feeling better and this weekend I am going to stick to some single days of training. We are back in Providence Bike for Sunday morning trainer rides. I am pretty excited about this although I'd be even more happy if my knee didn't feel like it could crumble at any minute.

I offered up a fantastic Memoryhouse track the other day and this morning I came across a Millionyoung remix that is really infectious. Take a listen and download the work. These guys are awesome.

Love Kel

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