Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coloring Of Pigeons

AM: 40 Minutes Ride, Core Work
PM: 45 Minutes Steady/Hard Ride

Decided to workout twice today in an effort to see how my knee would respond to the additional workload. I have always felt that 2 short sessions is easier than one long session and rather than ramp up to 80 or 90 minutes I figured a couple of shorter sessions that were up tempo might be the right option at this point in time. Felt fantastic during both rides and would love to have done more. A good feeling.

In more important news, The Knife have allowed fans the opportunity to download one of the tracks off their forthcoming album Tomorrow, In A Year. The deal is, The Knife, along with collaborators Mt. Sims and Planningtorock, were commissioned by the a Danish Operatic group to write the music for their new Opera based on Charles Darwin's "On The Origin Of The Species". This is the only track I've heard and by signing up for The Knife's newsletter you get a free download. The music is as beautiful and bizarre as I would expect. Wonderful.

Love Kel

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