Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Open Pick

I got in some training yesterday morning on the trainer before I jumped a train to New York. Today was a wash and walking around the city visiting accounts has successfully inflamed my knee. Its really sore tonight, probably the worst its been since before surgery. I am a little concerned that I might have done something to irritate it but I'll give it a night of sleep and ice to reduce the burn and tomorrow morning I'll make the call whether or not I need some rest days. Felt like I was turning a corner and now I feel like I've gone down another dead end street. At least I found some Memoryhouse to listen to. They are a duo from Ontario, Canada comprised of a fantastic female vocalist and another dude who is on instruments and production duties. Go to their myspace and you can download their ep for free. Beautiful music that will take your mind to a different, better place.

Love Kel

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