Monday, January 11, 2010

Its True, I'm Racing Time

AM: 45 Min Trainer Ride, Core
PM: 45 Min Trainer Ride

Kings of Leon have a line of clothing. Its extremely overpriced and looks like the clobber you find in every Urban Outfitters. Whats the buzz with that. Liam Gallagher has threads out too called Pretty Green. I am just sayin because I got an email from Kings Of Leon (yes it was right from the band) talking about their new fashion. Stick to the tunes lads.

Two very easy and positive sessions today. Knee felt good, no more stabbing pain, and I stuck to the plan which is very important. Both sessions offered up the usual temptation to do more but the new mature Kelrock stopped when I said I would. Feel fantastic right now.

Portishead have released a new track, "Chase The Tear", for Amnesty international. Simple analogue sounding drums and baseline. Beth Gibbons vocals are outstanding as they always are. The track is Joy Division meets Fever Ray. The drum sequence sounds like old techno from the very early 90's or late 80's. I didn't love it at first but while reading about all the tremendous work Radiohead are doing right now I found myself listening to the track several times in a row. It certainly grows after repeat listens. Off to New York tomorrow.

Peace and Love,


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