Monday, January 18, 2010

Space And Time

Yesterday I did 90 minutes of very relaxed riding on my trainer. We had the first winter Providence Bike indoor ride. There were about 8 of us and to kick it off we didn't do a session or even talk, rather we watched "A Ride With George Hincapie", and what a perfect kick off to a 10 week program it was. Usually we watch stages from the Tour or the Classics and we mimic pacelines, hill climbs, and sprints. The duration of our sessions usually tops out at 1:45 - 2:00 so the 90 minutes relaxed ride was the perfect warm up for what lies ahead. We will also start up Bar Biking in the afternoons thus loading up the Sunday (if my knee can take it of course).

With a great workout in the bag I have decided to take today off. This may be the first rational day off I've taken in the last year. I don't feel guilty and I am completely at ease listening to music and icing my knee. I am getting nowhere with rushing training and progress. The point is, progress is only such if I keep getting better and fitter, neither of which are happening. Yesterday was really enjoyable and made me realize that training makes me happy and if I can't train everything goes a little pear shaped. More days off and slow progress is better than lots of days off and no progress.

Last night I went to Abes for a few pints by myself. It was awesome and it so happened that 3 other neighborhood blokes had the same idea that I did. So there we were, 4 blokes, myself, a dude covered in full sleeve tattoos, a medical Doctor, and a retired school teacher turned environmental/local activist (I'm awful at remembering names). Neither of us knew each other but we spent 2 hours chatting about anything and everything. It made me realize that P-town has a very cool vibe, without pretense and sans attitude. At least a place like Abes does. Could have stayed all night but just a couple of scoops was all I promised myself. I grabbed some thai food at Sawadee and drove home thinking that I'd take a day off tomorrow and that I'm going to do more of the things that make me happy.

Off to Colorado in the morning and then onto Salt Lake City for a bit of work that really doubles as vacation. I'll be seeing my friends in Boulder and hitting the Toad for a scoop. Then next week its off to Geneva to see my lady friend which was a last minute decision and now has me super excited. Very solid weekend.

Love Kel

Been thoroughly enjoying this track from the British Electropop Duo, The Diogenes Club. Check it.


  1. It is exciting to hear about the upcoming trips and the new found training calm. Say hi to all the boys for me.

  2. I rode 12 miles today. Got about 160 this month riding. Just posted first entry to blog in about a year. Hopefully more inspiration to come. Thanks for getting me going and for your strength in staying strong when things are tough.