Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Excuses

Saturday: AM: 40 Miles, 2:04
PM: 4 Miles Easy

Sunday: AM: 40 Miles 2:18ish, 4 miles steady run.

The haphazard posting on this blog is a direct result of personal frustration at my injuries. But I think I am over the labrum issue so I can get back into regular routine starting today. This weekend saw a return to training kicking off with a Saturday morning ride with Lee. We rode easy and with favorable conditions easy was still a decent clip. I felt great when riding but coming out of corners or going uphill was bothersome. Overall the training got a passing grade. In the afternoon I joined Frankie for a very easy jog up the blvd. I actually felt better after the ride in the morning. We took it easy and I was altering my gait to avoid the dreaded knee pain. Thankfully it was not bad at all. It set up a nice meal at Not Just Snacks Indian Restaurant where we got fantastic food swallowed down with cans of Narragansett.

This morning I met Jay Romasco for another easy ride up the Blackstone valley. It is always good to talk to Jay, he is a man of much wisdom. We took it really easy and at the end I added on about 8 miles pretty hard. Upon the completion of my ride I threw on my running shoes and went straight out, triathlon style, for a run up the Blvd. The loop is 4.1 miles and I comfortably ran it in 23 minutes. This is WAY too quick but I think coming off the bike I was very warmed up and my turnover was high. I was a little disappointed in myself for running 5:40 pace when I should be running 7 minute pace. Silly. My knee did not hurt too bad, and maybe running right after the bike is what I should do more often!

Got my new Tattoo started today. I have the top part done and have another inch to do on the bicep and a few fill-ins up around the shoulder. I will finish it in 3 weeks. Tats hurt, bottom line. It was grand for the first 2 hours and then it began to get sore. After 4 hours every touch hurt. I ended up getting 4:45 done and that is far and away the most I will get in one sitting. The rest will take about 2-2:30.

In order to curb my Sunset Rubdown listening I've been revisiting some old albums. Over the weekend I listened to some Air France. I talked about these guys last year and it was a joyful revisit of some happy, poptastic, Sweedish beats. Check out the youtube below. And If your in Boston on the night of Friday the 17th, drop by RISE after hours club 2am - 6am and check out my good friend Shawn Donnelly mix deep house. Chloe Harris is in the main room and for techno it doesn't get better. I will be dropping in, although my all night raving has long since passed. I still love the techno and I will make it a point to hit up a couple of hours for this gig.

Everything is back to normal tomorrow. I am on the road all week but I will be keeping up the training and music.


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