Monday, June 8, 2009

I Hadn't Felt That Sad In Years

PM: Run 16 Minutes, 45 Min Strength Session with Physio

Today was very much a recovery day. I had planned on not doing anything aside from physio but opted to jog 15 odd minutes to keep it truckin until I see the Doctor on Wednesday. I worked hard on my quad/knee with Mike today. Lots of one leg action and some bosu ball squatting. All good stuff and my quads got a right going over considering I could barely make it up some not so steep hills on my ride home. Obviously my ride and run yesterday did some good quality damage too. My knee was sore every step of the run. Some days are better than others, some girls mothers are bigger than other girls mothers.

I found myself listening to the amazing M83 remix of White Lies - Nothing To Give. You can hear it here. Stereogum also have a nice report on the track, have a read of it here. The track is very stripped down and reminds me of Depeche Mode at their best. Please listen to it and find yourself lost in thought. Beautiful.

Only three days remain until Sunset Rubdown at the Middle East. I cannot wait tor this show at all. The funny thing is that on Wednesday I am going to Red Sox - Yankees in a corporate box and yet compared to seeing Sunset Rubdown it doesn't even enter the excitement equation. I only imagine that during the game I'll be thinking only 24 hours to go, only 24 hours to go. Not that I am not going to enjoy myself at the game. I will be with work friends and it will be great fun but lets be honest, its all about the tunes as far as I'm concerned.

New tunes from the album Dragonslayer have been leaked onto the web and I've been listening on youtube. Below is another delightful number. Check it out.

Peace And Love

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