Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Easily Offended

AM: 81 Miles Bike, 4:07, Basically Across Rhode Island
PM: 20 Minutes Run, Brown Athletic Fields

The weather was fantastic for the ride this AM. Coxy and I set out a little later since we had a few scoops at the show last night. The plan was to do about 60 miles or so but after a rough start I began to feel really strong. In fact, I felt a lot better after 50 miles than I did after 5 miles. Very strange. Coxy set the tempo hard from the start which was always going to come back and haunt us. We did decide to back off because the loop we had planned was tough with lots of climbing. Great weather, not much traffic, and a regular wind all contributed to my easiest long ride. Coxy finished up at about 70 Miles so I had to add on with laps of the Blvd. With no fuel left I did get tired after about 77 miles but by that point I was done. I harbored desires to do 100 but with no fuel it would have killed me.

I ran an afternoon trot around the astro turf at Brown. Surprisingly I felt quite bouncy, expecting to be heavy and flat. My knee was the same. Not great but not bad either. I had no trouble bouncing around the fields for 20 minutes and could have easily done more. Very positive. And with that I need to accept reality has to be kept to the forefront of my decision making. Therefore I cannot add on and need to keep these positive jogs in check.

Great week of training broken down as follows:

13.5 Hours Riding
70 Minutes G-Trainer
85 Minutes Outside Running
Lots Of Core Work

I have not listened to any new music today because I am still getting to grips with Pony Pony Run Run, Phoenix, and The Engineers. So I will leave you with a fantastic tune to end a great week in music and in training.

Love Kel

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  1. Good to hear your knee felt good on the turf, esp after cycling 80+ miles.