Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've Got Trimm Trabb

AM: 15 minutes run, core
PM: 2:16 Ride w/ workout, VO2 Max Session

Another day to hit the Blvd for a test on the knee. I came through ok but if I am going to be honest I know its there and I know if I keep running it will get worse. However, hopefully I am wrong. It is so amazing to run 15 minutes but at the same time horribly frustrating because I am back to the build up again. Do you know how many times I've had to do this cycle? Too many!

This afternoon I did a brutal bike session that has left me feeling a little ill. I rode out the bike path into a reasonable head wind and I kept winding it up. By the time I got to colt state park I was really pushing. I then did two laps progressively getting quicker. By the second lap I was all out. I hammered as hard as I could, literally pretending I was riding to win a stage of the Tour. Needless to say I was completely wiped during my 5 minutes recovery. I then got going again back into tempo for another 20 minutes, although the wind at my back made the effort a little easier. I got back to P-Town in horrible state but completely joyous.

There is a new MEW song on their myspace. I like it even if it is a little different. It has all the elements that make this band so addicting. I also love the below song by Regina Spektor. Its been doing the rounds on my iTunes all day.

Peace and Love,

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